Bedfordshire Wellbeing Service has helped many people improve their quality of life by supporting them through their journey to feeling better.

Here is a small sample of feedback from clients who have completed therapy. (Client and therapist names removed for confidentiality reasons).


“I found the sessions very helpful in that I was able to take away conversations and thoughts from the session and make use of them in my everyday life.  The sessions also helped me to look at myself and my expectations of people and things more objectively”


“The Course was challenging at times but extremely helpful – Thank you”


“Really helpful techniques.  Found the therapist incredibly supportive and reassuring”


“Really good group and a nice way to explore and manage difficulties and share strategies and experiences”


“Really good service, very happy with the treatment, has helped me to understand my difficulties and helped me normalise my symptoms, very happy with how I was treated, very grateful, thank you”


“For the duration (6 sessions)… a good service.  I think NHS services are under-resourced which is a shame.  The standard of services is so good.  Thanks. “


“The therapist had a very calming attractive manner.  He really listened and made me feel accepted within the group”


“I was a bit apprehensive about the service when I was first introduced.  It has been a pleasant experience which has helped me to explore, understand and plan for my condition.  Thank you very much”


“I have really found coming to the group for the last 10 weeks has helped my anxiety and I have learnt different techniques with the therapist.  I liked that it was a small group and we got to help each other”


“Service has helped me come a long way.  Listening and working on strategies to help me has given the confidence back to move forward”


“A much needed re-focus on my life”


“Very good service and experience. Benefited a lot. Will recommend to family and friends. Thanks”