What is People Participation?

People Participation is about working with Service Users and Carers to have a say in how the Trust is run, but more than that, it is about working together for a better service for everyone.  We want service users and carers to get the very best services but this can only be achieved with your voice, expertise and insights.

Your time and experience is valuable and as such you are entitled to be paid for your time and claim expenses according to the rewards and recognition policy.

The People Participation team offers training and support for current ELFT service users and carers who wish to be actively involved in the Trust.

Are you a current Service User or Carer of ELFT?

The People Participation Team supports current Service Users and Carers of ELFT (East London NHS Foundation Trust) services to become involved in all aspects of the Trust’s work, in whatever way suits you.  The experience of People Participation is different for each person, it can be something as broad as influencing the direction of the Trust or as specific as being involved in decisions about your own care.

Who to Contact?

Fiona Ball, People Participation Lead – email fiona.ball2@nhs.net or call 07789 504763

Sharon Gugerly, People Participation Champion for Bedfordshire Wellbeing Service – email sharon.gugerly@nhs.net or call 07917 618085